Behind the name

My focus is very much on you and your dog and making life easier for both of you. Well established since 2007, I not only offer dog walking but also complete 1-2-1 training, group classes and puppy classes. Having spent most of my life working with dogs, I became a qualified trainer and a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers http://www.imdt.uk.com. This provides me with not only with a great understanding of dogs but also enables me to work with dogs and their owners effectively, no matter the age or breed of dog or what type of training they may require. 
I’m here to help!

One to One

You don’t need to get stressed or worried due to your dog’s behaviour; it may be embarrassing or problematic at times but that does not mean that I cannot change it for the better. The methods that I use are easy to follow, friendly, and totally non-aggressive. The focus is very much on developing a long-lasting and positive relationship between you and your dog, creating a tough emotional bond based upon mutual respect and trust. You will find yourself being able to control your dog without having to shout or use excessive amounts of treats; normally it does not take long for you to see major improvements in the way your dog or puppy behaves.

About Jenny

Happy Hounds is run and founded by me, Jenny Sandiford. I started the business after having a problems caring for my own dog Kira while I was at work. I studied Countryside Management at College and had been a falconer 8 years so I knew working outside with animals is what I wanted to do and dog walking fits in wonderfully. Plus dogs are a lot easier than birds of prey!
I grew up with Rhodesian Ridgebacks so I love larger breeds but I currently have Kira a Black Labrador  who has been brilliant at helping to train the new dogs.
The business was established in 2007, and with time comes experience. 10 years with a range of different dogs with a range of different issues. I decided in 2013 i wanted to learn more about them and how to train. I became qualified with the IMDT in 2014 and I am always looking to expand my knowledge. 
I have a strong belief in positive reward based training gives and have great satisfaction in the results it gives. 
I now split my time between dog walking and dog training and have a great passion for my work.