Online Training


Dog Training in the comfort of your own home. As we can't get out and about at the moment it doesn't mean dog or puppy training needs to stop. In fact we may have more time to spend with our dogs and not sure what to train them after sit, stay and down.

Happy Hounds are here to help whether it is a behavioural consults or online courses. With the help of modern technology we can now use video link to show each other how our dogs are behaving. 

121 Online Behavioural Consults

Online 121 consults can be done however your more comfortable. Whether is it video call, phone call, whats app or email.

Whether your dog is reactive to dogs or people, bad recall, jumping up, wont stop pulling on the lead. You just find your dog difficult sometimes.

Get in touch and we can talk about how we can help your dog.

Training plans with videos and a listening ear to help and support you through.


Self Paced Online Happy Puppy Training Courses


Our Online puppy course will teach you the basics and more.
We teach you stage by stage via video tutorial how to get a good communication with your pup through easy science based training. 
This is a 6 week course, each week having 5 to 6 new tasks to teach and practice with your dog.
Resulting in a dog that responds better when you ask them to return and a dog that knows how to walk nicely on a lead. This is positive learning experience for you and your dog using kind methods, while also understanding how your dog learns.
Videos include:

  • Eye contact

  • Stay

  • Off

  • Walking nicely on lead

  • Settle

  • Vet Check

  • Leave it 

  • and much more 

Video example

Intensive Online Puppy Training Group

4 week Online Puppy Training Course


5 training videos a week.


Practice in your own time

10 minutes 2 X Weekly Lives for question times and extra demos No time set zoom classes.

7 days support Motivation to make the best out your puppy when we cant do classes.


​Facebook based training video and support group.

4 weeks to get a handle on the bases of training your puppy for the future. Learn cues like drop, leave, sit, settle, food manners, wait, toilet training tips, none jumping up, recall and a start on lead work.


The group is designed to be supportive, motivating and covering more than a zoom class can.