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Our walk and train service is where I personally walk the dog for you and intensely train to what ever your dogs needs are. Whether that's reactivity, pulling on the lead, recall, over anxious dogs or general obedience. Some extra hard dogs or life just doesn't let us train our dogs as we want, so I'm here to help get your dog where you would like them to be, quicker. 

This service is a very unique service to the area.

The best way for this service to be effective is too keep up with consistency. 

  • Dogs are walked a minimum of twice a week for 45 minutes to an hour max.

  • Minimum of 3 week blocks ~ (6 walks)

  • All training walks to be an addition to a minimum of 3 121 personal training sessions with the owner to ensure all walkers are doing the same training. 

  • All walks will have feedback to how the walk went, what was focus of the training that day and videos of dogs in action. 

  • Only have space for 3 dogs a week at the moment. 

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Review from Rachel:

"Jenny has worked tirelessly with our 1 year old male ridgeback on their 1-2-1 training walks. She has identified areas to target during the walks and worked on them with him so that he and us are more confident walking him on the lead. All of her hard work and effort has paid off as we put her training into practice. Jenny is very professional and really knows her stuff when it comes to dogs behaviour. Her 1-2-1 training walks have been life changing for us"

All these dogs can now be walked by a professional dog walker now the base problems have been worked through.


Sam was super anxious of the world. So my Moona helped him too.


Dobby the Border terrier

 needed help with his reactivity

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