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Social Walks and Hikes

Take your dog's training to the next level with our Social Walks. These walks are more than just exercise – they're an opportunity for your pup to build social skills and calm reactions. You'll also have the chance to walk with other like-minded dog owners, practice your handling skills and enjoy the great outdoors.

All with guidance from Jenny the trainer.

Check out our dates below:


Types of walks

  • Social Walk (hour) - A local walk for an hour 

  • Social Hikes - big walk covering a few miles and a couple of hours around the gorgeous Hexhamshire countryside

  • Puppy Social Gathering - not much walking but a nice for pup to meet other pups 

  • Dark Walks - A local hour walk. Are all your dog walks in the week in the dark? Have some company and stay safe with our dark walks

Who are these walks for?

Anyone! as long as not excessively aggressive (give Jenny a call or message if you would like to discuss first)

Benefits of Social Walks:

  • Building calmer and more confident dogs

  • Help practice training skills around other on lead dogs

  • Help dog social skills

  • Chat with a dog trainer

  • Watch how other people do it

  • Building handler confidence

  • Be surprised when your dog isnt the worst !

  • Group walking help encourage passing dogs to be more control (safety in numbers)

  • Finally your dog may make a friend 

  • Support each other 

Helen Said:

Jenny has helped us so much. Our girl was reactive with other dogs, having been badly bitten by another dog just before we got her. We have learnt so much and our girl is so much better with other dogs. We continue our journey and Jenny’s social walks are so helpful and enjoyable.

Upcoming dates:

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