Getting the best out of your dog!
Would you like to enjoy your dog walks again?
Has your dog stopped listening to you?
Do you find your dog frustrating at times?
Is there a couple of things you wish your dog didn't do?

Dog ownership isn't that easy sometimes, Let Happy Hounds Help!
Training Options:
Online Training
1-2-1 Private Training Sessions
Group Classes
Dog Training Workshops

 121 Private sessions are ideal for working through what you would like you're dog to do.  Sometimes you just need some guidance to help your relationship and deal with the issues with your dog, let me help!
There 3 different Sessions to choose from:​
  • 1-2-1 Private Training Basics - resolving basic training
    • For dogs who pull on the lead, need work on recall, jumping up etc​
  • 1-2-1 Private Training Advanced Block - Block booking for more extensive training needs. Block of 3, one and a half hour sessions.
    • This is for Aggressive / Reactive behaviours, Rescue Dogs,​ and dogs that have had no training before or retraining any dog.
The session is for an hour and a half basis and takes place where you’re having the problems. Written email report available on request. During the winter months, the session usually takes place at weekends, week nights are available when daylight hours allow.
Discount rate if you feel you will benefit from more than one session.
Puppy training and life skills 
For 6 weeks 
Riding Mill Millennium Hall.

This puppy class will not only teach you how to train your new pup but also help you it in place good handing and life skills. Understand the technics of some of most up to date effective and kind training. It will help teach your pup good habits before bad ones are created. 
Introducing a clear way to help your dog understand the exact moment their behaviour was the one you liked. Creating better communication with your pup and helping you to understand what they need. 
This way creating an attentive dog that truly listens to you and makes good choices for themselves in given situations (so you don't have to tell them all the time).
Each owner and pup will give plenty of opportunity to practice principles taught and small classes mean for attentive training observation and help when needed.
See Shop for up to date available classes

Booking essential.