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Welcome to the home of Happy Hounds Online Courses

Course are perfect to learn new skills home the comfort of your own home

You don't have to training 121 to start to make a different to your dogs training. With our new online platform making it easy format to work through your stages. It even has its own app!

Making it easy to help your dog even in those cold nights in the winter. 

Simply sign up and get started right away.

Online course app!
Our courses can be accessed via desktop or by the spaces app. 


Ball Mad Dog Training Course - Coming Soon

Does your dog love a ball but it drives them wild?

Do they just not retrieve ? 

Some trainers say to not use a ball while training as is does have its down falls but if you know what to do and what not to do a ball can be a training tool!

Dogs playing with balls can be a fun and engaging activity for both the dogs and their owners

But there is some aspect to consider 

Here is some reasons why this Ball Mad course is for you and your dog.

  • Fun, easy and bonding time to play with your dog

  • Build Focus on you

  • Can be used as a reward system or a food alternative. 

  • It can help build control around other dogs and their balls

  • Help take out the barking when it comes to ball play

  • Reduce Injury

  • You wont have to carry a ball thrower ever walk.

  • Tire your dog out mentally and physically when you cant walk them yourself

  • Can help train more difficult behaviours

  • Build a driven dog to refocus the right way

  • Build a better relationship with your dog. 

*Build training with your dog you did not believed was possible!

And so much more

Without knowing what this course can provide - it can go wrong

  • Make an excessively barky dog

  • Obsessive behaviours

  • Injuries

  • Overexertion 

  • You don't get the ball back

  • You cant go for a walk without a ball

  • Mania - use your dogs ball the wrong way and they can become more manic and that can create other crazy behaviours. 

  • Aggression to other dogs 

  • Choke Hazard

  • Possessiveness 

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