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Very rare chance to train with Happy Hounds inside!

Dog training the nice way in a friendly environment, chilled but learning environment. Supporting the best way we can with structured learning. Slowing it all down so it all makes sense. While training what you really need to know to handle and raise your dog successfully. 


Happy Puppy Training Class

Every Saturday for 6 weeks 

Where: Riding Mill Millennium Hall

When:  12.45pm on Saturday 10th, 17th, 24th of February and 2nd, 9th of March


New inside class!

 Limited to 6 puppies only to get the best 6 to 1 training.

Learn the basics of rearing a puppy and how to make a well behaved dog.

Using only kind methods: 

Teach your puppy to sit, stay, lie down, drop it and leave it, settle, how to play, how to walk on the lead nicely, how to greet people and dogs and much more.

If you want the best support, to truly learn to communicate with your pup, in a relaxed and open environment then this is the class for you.

Structured Social interactions too. 


This includes comprehensive online training videos worth £25 plus


For puppies under 7 months only

Only £125

Only a few spots remaining.

Book Now:


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Dog Training Class - Fine Tune Your Training

This class is for dogs over 7 months.

Where: Riding Mill Millennium Hall

When:  2pm on Saturday 10th, 17th, 24th of February and 2nd and 9th of March

5 week course

Training all the dog basics but while working around other dogs. 

Strengthen your dog training skills and really understand the way dogs learn. 

Be the best dog handler you can be!

Learn how to train:


Impulse control 

The Best Lead work

True Focus


The ultimate settle

Dog handling logistics


Plus Training videos

No aggressive dogs please

Only £112.50

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