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Less is sometimes more

I have recently found my self falling down a hole of which i should know better. It’s an observation i see with my clients often, i have seen how it work and totally understand why. And yet I have still done it myself.

The problem is i am so excited to have my new pup, my companion, my new work mate that have most certainly rushed many things. Especially since coming out of lockdown and keen to get on with training. You easily get caught up in this one habit and train of thought but often it just doesn’t suit that animal at that time and its not the answer.

The result is Moona my beloved pup as much as she can do so many things well has become more and more unsettled and over aggravated.

She can be more uncertain of situations she could manage before.

At night she is overly silly and ragging her bed at 9.30pm.

Her jumping up has become a problem all of a sudden.

She has in general been more naughty, picking up items she shouldn’t have again.

She loves dogs but not great with people and her reaction to them is getting worse.

The most evident part of this is her barking.

So what have i done? Or what haven’t i done, maybe more of the question. My partner and i are very busy but outdoor people running our own businesses, the dog can literally come everywhere with us. She loves this but it can be too much.

I have over stimulated my dog!

People may question why this is a problem? A tired dog is a happy dog right? Not quite.

An over tired dog is an irritated dog, less able to make good decisions and can be more reactive.

Often people look to fix bad behaviour with yet more exercise but then you just create an aggravated athlete.

Like the growing teenager that she now is she needs more time on the couch doing nothing and a good sleep in. Low stimulating walks and activities that already in her comfort zone, like paddle boarding – this now her happy place.

It not a good time to go on new adventures. Training in the garden and at home is great for her brain but training through town right now is a no no.

So for only a few days i have done less with her and already i can see a more chilled dog.

Moona is more cuddly, more responsive, more chilled at night, more content.

So less is more few a week at least. At the end of the day she is only 7 months old!!

In other thoughts – i totally understand dog trainer have more than one dog.

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