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Welcome to Happy Hounds

We are a Dog Training and Walking Business based in Hexham, Northumberland. 

We specialise in 121 training programmes and training real life dog skills. 

We only use positive and kind methods of training. 

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Our Ethos

Happy Hounds uses kind and positive reinforcement methods to create a fun and productive learning environment for your dog. Our personalized 121 private sessions ensure that your furry friend receives the attention they deserve, and our focus on building a stronger relationship between you and your pet makes training an enjoyable experience for you as well. Choose Happy Hounds to unlock the full potential of your dog's capabilities today.

Book any training service you like right now with our online shop and then book a time slot with our Calendly booking website
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Happy Hounds
Dog (Behaviour) Training Programmes

3 or 5 x 121 Training sessions in person

Training Exercise Videos

Write up after each session

20 minute start up phone call for all those questions

Email Support

Contact Jenny on :
Or Phone: 07808218999

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