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What is one of the key elements to a well behaved dog?

So the aim at the end of the day is to be able to ask your dog to do something then for them to do it. Anywhere, with anything going around them and without you having any food in your hand.

The key aliment to get this to happen is Consistency.

Consistent practice of training will be the key change between an easy going good dog and dog that you need to work at constantly.

But does that actually look like?

· It's not letting you dog pull you any more than 30 seconds.

· Its practising a behaviour in the middle of a walk (Proofing)

· It's identifying a difficult moment for your dog and thinking of it as an opportunity to train rather than a problem.

· Its training for a problem that hasn’t appeared in your dog yet.

· Its not letting them get away with chewing that shoe because that shoe had a whole in it anyway (one shoe may start the chewing of any shoe)

· Its asking for a sit and then following it through until it happens (where reasonably possible)

Beginning consistent with your rules and guidelines helps your dog know where they stand and what they expect of us.

· If we let our dogs pull a lot one day but the next day we get annoyed with it. How is the dog meant to know what they are meant to do?

· If we create a good settle in the park, then we set up for relaxing picnics later.

· If seeing people on walks if a problem for your dog then see each passing of a person a training opportunity to make it easy. Find your space and have a plan of what you are going to do in those moments.

· Pre prep training a collar touch before you dog becomes collar shy on a walk when you need them back.

· Not letting your dog chew things that aren’t theirs within reason. They don’t know the difference between and old shoe and your best work shoes.

· Asking for that sit for that treat and not just handing it to them anyway after they have jumped all over you and still haven’t sat for a minute. Wait it out, next time it will happen quicker.

Dogs learn from past behaviours practices and new behaviours that are reinforced.

Guide your dog in the way you want them to be for the next 10 years plus not just what they want to do today.

Online Puppy Course Coming Soon to work through those key training processes.

Let me know if you have any questions

Stay safe



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