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Online Training Consults

This is when you cant leave home but your dog still needs training. With the of video call, phone, filmed video, pictures and email we can easily communicate so using any method your happy with with can discuss your dogs behaviours and make a plan to how we can help them be more the dog you would like them to be. 

After a discussion and questionaire. We proceed to filmed contant or video call to access the situation from there we can look into which training technics and which home management adjustments can be done to improve your dogs behaviour.

We can either talk you through or can send video traning links that show easy step by step training.

Follow by a training plan write up and support via phone or email.

This may be upto 4 hours of my expert time.

Extenisive problems may need more training and support so time may need adding.

Dont want to book straight away? No worries maybe give me a call to start with 07808218999

One off Online Training Consults

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